Project Digital Storytelling for Spreading and Promoting Entrepreneurship (DIST) aims to promote entrepreneurial education and training by developing a methodology and a set of tools based on storytelling. Through micro-narrative humans give meaning to life events and share values with others. Storytelling is very effective since it brings together the rational and the emotional, and elicits identification and emulation in the listener. The project is addressed to aspirant entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs willing to improve their SIE (sense of initiative and entrepreneurship), VET trainers willing to improve their skills in developing the SIE in their learners, VET organizations and organization supporting entrepreneurs and aspirant entrepreneurs.

Program: Program Erasmus+
Duration: 01.09.2015 – 01.09.2018
Coordinator: ASEV – Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese Valdelsa (Italy)

ULO – University of Lodz (Poland)
AGRES – Arges County Businessman Association (Romania)
CECOT – Fundacio Privada CECOT Innovacio (Spain)
CDi – Cdi Manager Srl (Italy)
Pratika – Associazione Pratika (Italy)

Official website: www.distproject.eu

During the project lifetime each partner will shoot two interview with 15 entrepreneurs. First part of the interview will focus on business development as well as biographical elements and entrepreneurs motivation. Second part will look into everyday management and skills required to do it effectively. Based on the interviews a research focusing on the motivation and the business setting up will be conducted. Entrepreneurs will represent innovative sectors and sectors with good market opportunities

Main project results:
• a Study on main themes emerged by the interviews,
• a Guide on use of storytelling in VET
• 60 full interviews and several shortened videos with entrepreneurs from 4 European countries,
• a set of thematic videos based on interviews,
• an E-course addressed to trainers,
• a face to face and an E-training course on developing entrepreneurship for current and aspirant entrepreneurs.

Contact person:
Karolina Tomczyk

EU flag-Erasmus+

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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