Project FIZCOM progresses

Project FIZCOM is an innovative initiative of the University of Lodz, which consists in the implementation of an inventive animal physiology course for students of biology with the use of highly advanced computer software. Owing to the purchase of the cutting-edge LabTutor software with the dedicated equipment, the way of educating students will change dramatically. In autumn 2014, members of the project team from the Department of Neurobiology undertook a study visit in the Department of Animal and Human Physiology of Gdansk University, as well as a training visit in the Department of Biomedicine at Bergen University (Norway).

The aim of the visit in Gdansk was to create educational films documenting experiments on nervous tissue, muscle tissue and circulatory system. The films will complement the “New course on physiology of animals”. In Norway, two members of the project team took part in an intensive three-day training on operating and educational application of the equipment provided by AD Instruments. Visit project wesbite for more information as well as the photographs documenting the visit.

The project is implemented thanks to the financial support of the Scholarship and Training Fund.

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