Honduras Staff Internship

The First Call of the Erasmus Mundus EURICA programme was open from November 2013 until February 2014, in this call the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH, www.unah.edu.hn) formed part of the University consortium and 6 applicants where benefitted from the scholarship opportunities. Within the grantees, 2 of them applied to the STAFF mobility of 1 month to Lodz University, Laura Caunter and Amy Chahin.

Laura and Amy work in the Vice-Chancellery of Foreign Affairs which has two major divisions, the Mobility Unit and the Projects and Agreements Unit. In this matter, in searching for a host University the UNI was recognized to have many similarities in regard of the International Relations Office and the International Educational Projects Office and a very organized internationalization strategy, which was the main appeal to the application.

Currently, internationalization is a key issue for UNAH, giving great importance to the management of strategic cooperation. Protocols and management regulations of international cooperation are needed to improve mobility activities, agreements and projects thus the promotion of strengthening of internal capabilities of UNAH’s internationalization office as well as cooperation strategies that must be developed.

This is how since October the 13th of 2014, Laura and Amy are interns in the offices described before taking part in the offices’ main activities, participating in meetings with key personnel in the University and learning best practices from their daily work, with the hopes of establishing in their return an agreement between both Universities and establishing new lines of international cooperation among them.

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