ELMI TOI consortium (Enhancing Labour Market Integration of Elderly Family Carers Through Skills Improving) activities are aimed at improving the labour market position of non-professional carers, who looked after of family members, through the preparation of e-learning course providing the skills to care for the others in need. As a result of the whole partnership cooperation the course will be transferred from Italy to the Romanian health system.

Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci – Transfer of Innovation
Duration: 01.03.2014-28.02.2016
Coordinator: Asociatia Habilitas Centru de Resurse si Formare Profesionala, Romania
• University of Lodz, Poland
• Anziani e Non Solo Societa Cooperativa, Italy
• Romanian Alzheimer Society, Romania
• Caritas Confederation, Romania
• E.N.T.E.R.- European Network for Transfer and Exploitation of EU Project Results, Austria
• Center for Family and Social Care – Czech Republic

Website: www.elmiproject.eu

Project aims:

  1. Transfer of e-learning course for non-professional carers of elderly families from Italy to Romania.
  2. Development of transition strategies from non-professional (non-formal) to professional (formal) care services of course participants.
  3. Determination of the possibility of transferring the developed solutions to Poland and Czech Republic.

Project results:

  1. Research results on the labour market situation of care services in partner countries.
  2. E-learning course for non-professional carers of elderly families that is adapted to the labour market realities of care services in Romania as well as (in demo version) in Poland and the Czech Republic.
  3. Transition strategies from non-professional (non-formal) to professional (formal) care services.

To get more information, please contact
Marcin Gońda
e-mail: marcin.gonda@uni.lodz.pl
tel.: (+48) 42 635 47 52

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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