New course on physiology of animals

The Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection has launched the realisation of the project “FIZCOM – Implementation of inventive animal physiology course for students of biology with use of highly advanced computer softwares”.

The main objective of the project is to create an innovative course for teaching the basic subject in the curriculum – physiology of animals, obligatory to different extents for students of biology, psychology and postgraduate students. By using advanced computer softwares and creating the conditions for interactive learning, the proposed innovative educational course will allow us to completely change and update the way of educating students in response to their needs. In pursuit of this objective students will have the opportunity to observe the virtual physical phenomena occurring in the living body by following the directions and solving the tasks generated by an interactive computer software LabTutor provided by ADInstruments.

The added value of introducing the new course is the withdrawal from the use of laboratory animals for the purpose of teaching physiology of animals and replacement of animal material with sophisticated computer programs. The implementation of the new course will allow for active participation in laboratory classes of students with physical disabilities, creating equal opportunities during the educational process.

The implementation of innovative animal physiology course will enhance the attractiveness of University of Lodz educational offer for students from home and abroad, improve the quality of education, especially in English, expand education opportunities for teaching foreign students, and improve the competitiveness of the University of Lodz in the education market in the country and the EU.

The implementation of the project FIZCOM is the result of the funding received from the Scholarship and Training Fund. The total value of the project is 624 798,00 PLN, out of which the grant provides 562 318,00 PLN.

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