iProfessional (iPro) aims at setting up a pilot collaboration between HEIs and VET providers in 8 European countries to investigate the potential for a closer collaboration between the world of the interactive media and arts design business and the higher and further education institutions for Media and Arts Design Studies. The collaboration will focus on detection of possible skills and competences mismatches between education and the professional world and will consequently put in place a pilot mechanism to address this mismatch by designing and piloting a curriculum design framework for use in this specific sector. The aim of the project is to build, test and then distribute a research based on a model framework that will assist the Education sector and especially VET and the Higher Education Institutions to match, in a digital way, the curriculum of their students in Media and Arts Studies with the professional requirements expressed by the international community of media and arts businesses. This framework will demonstrate its effectiveness and quality in a series of pilots projects in the participating HEIs, as well as in other institutions that express their interest.

Programme: Erasmus Multilateral Project
Duration: 01.10.2013 – 30.09.2015
Website: http://ipro-project.eu/
Coordinator: Institute for postgraduate studies at UNWE, Bulgaria

•    Institute for postgraduate studies at UNWE, Bulgaria
•    Institute for training of personnel on international organization, Bulgaria
•    Audio-visual Technologies Informatics and telecommunications, Belgium
•    Telecentar, Croatia
•    Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Ireland
•    Asociatia Agentia de Monitorizare a Presei, Romania
•    Uniwersytet Łódzki, Poland
•    Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme, Italia
•    Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania

The main activities within the project will focus on:

Media professionals’ skills and competences needs analysis
The objective of this activity is to lay the research basis for the framework that will be the eventual output of the project. It is not sufficient to have disparate sources that indicate indeed the skills and competences gap that exists between the New Media and Arts industry and the Higher Education, not only in Europe but globally. This is recognized in small qualitative researches, such as the Interfaculty and Professionals researches, or in larger surveys that were limited to a limited or constraint sample, often to an institution, or a region or a country.

Media professionals competence framework
The aim of this activity is to develop a reference framework of competences required by developers of digital multimedia content from within the perspective of Higher and Further Education curriculum design. The competence framework will define a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes for professionals within the new media sector, needed to achieve measurable outputs according to the expectations of the sector.

Model training curriculum and sample modules elaboration
In the core project’s aspect for designing of the collaboration between the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and the industries, needing to use students with media and design skills and knowledge, there is a special aspect to prepare the HEI’s professors for the selection and creation of their educational materials, according to the requirements of the industry, but taking also into account the requirements of other stakeholders such as authorities and the research communities.

Contact person: Karolina Tomczyk – karolina.tomczyk@uni.lodz.pl

This project has been funded with the support from the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education funds for science for years 2013-2015 allocated to the international co-financed projects.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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