New projects led by the University of Lodz

We are glad to inform you that two LLP international projects submitted by the University of Lodz has received a positive evaluation score.

The submission of both proposals resulted from the cooperation between International Educational Projects Office and ULO’s units – Faculty of Management and Faculty of Philology. Projects will begin in November/December 2011. We will inform you on their progress on our website. Below you will find short projects’ characteristic:

DysTEFL – Dyslexia for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language
LLP Comenius Multilateral Project

This two year project aims at developing a special training course and materials for initial and in-service teachers of English as a foreign language in order to raise their awareness of special educational needs of students with dyslexia with regard to foreign language study. In addition, teachers will be equipped with appropriate teaching methods, techniques and tools so that the quality and effectiveness of their performance in mainstream classrooms is increased. In that way, indirectly, our project aims to reinforce support for dyslexic students.

Homoresponsabilis in the globalized World

Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation

The aim of the partnership is a transfer of a simulation and business game “Homoresponsabilis North South” elaborated by Belgian partner Groupe One. The tool utilizes an “active learning pedagogy” to educate future business leaders to corporate social responsibility (CSR) in their North-South relations, and sustainable development. This tool includes a game and some debriefings and has proven its qualities for three years in Belgium, and we want to increase its distribution in Europe in two ways:

  • adaptation of the tool in new EU countries (Bulgaria and Poland) and Austria, and training to its use for universities professors/teachers and/or trainers from non-profit organizations that deal with global and development education (indirect beneficiaries)
  • wider targeting other students in partner’s countries (direct beneficiaries)

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