About University

The University of Lodz was founded on 24 May 1945 and currently is one of the biggest and most significant universities in Poland. Nearly 50,000 young people study here and nearly 4,000 people (including over 2.500 academic teachers) is employed.

University of Lodz consists of 12 Faculties:
Biology and Environmental Protection
Economics and Sociology
Philosophy and History
Physics and Applied Informatics
Mathematics and Computer Science
Geographical Sciences
Educational Sciences
Law and Administration
International Relations and Political Studies

and a branch in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, as well as several Branches of Teaching Centers in Kalisz, Kutno, Ostroleka, Sieradz, Skierniewice and Zdunska Wola.

We teach on the European level

After accession of Poland to the European Union, the role and importance of universities have increased even further. Therefore we create programs that respond to the needs of European labor market. Each year we monitor occurring changes and developments in education. We try to propose forms and contents of teaching relating to the modern, high European standards. Most our major courses have the Teaching Quality Certificate granted by the University Accreditation Commission, as well as positive opinion of the National Accreditation Commission. We conduct prestigious Interfaculty Studies in Mathematics and Nature and Interfaculty Individual Humanities Studies. Moreover, we propose doctoral studies and postgraduate studies as well as offer majors in whole conducted in foreign languages. As a result of cooperation with number of foreign universities such as Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, Universités de Tours, the R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, the Towson University, University of Baltimore students of UŁ can graduate with dual diplomas.

We support innovation

Accelerator of Technology is a programme which mission is to support innovative polish projects from the sectors of advanced technology by introducing of modern advisory system, knowledge-base system and help in raising capital funds. Accelerator supports high-tech projects from all around the country with the particular emphasis on projects bringing benefits for the region of Lodz. Innovation Centre promotes post-graduate studies and workshops in the scopes of methodology of market and technology assessment and commercialization of scientific ideas for inventors, entrepreneurs and representatives of research institutes. University of Lodz is building a network of partner contacts with other accelerators and academic communities in Poland and conducts research in the scope of new technologies along with the panel which enables their rate. European research programmes are very actively conducted by our employees. Our University, in the recent years, has performed more than 40 research projects within 6th and 7th Framework Programme either as a partner or a coordinator.

We support modernity

The Main University Library is currently one of the largest and most modern libraries in Poland. Conference Centre of the University of Lodz offers 8 conference rooms and accommodation for 190 guests in two main groups of buildings: one situated in the city centre and the other in the beautiful Lagiewniki Woods complex. Centre of Physical Education and Sports is a complex of modern gyms, swimming pools and BIO Regeneration Room. Student Campus LUMUMBOWO offers several thousand rooms in 10 renovated dorms and 2 assistants’ hotels.

Studies without barriers

One of our main aims is to increase availability of higher education for disabled people. We wish to provide them with equal access to education without any barriers both architectural as well as mental. We help foreign students by teaching them polish language in one of Poland’s oldest and best functioning School of Polish for Foreign Students.

More information: www.uni.lodz.pl

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